• How to open the second account of an app?
    1. Launch NoxApp+ > tap the “+” button on homepage and select the app you would like to log in with a second account > confirm by tapping Create Multi Apps
    2. Tap the icon of the app you just selected to log in with another account
  • Basic operations in NoxApp+ (Rename/Create shortcut/Delete)
    1. Rename: tap and hold the app icon in NoxApp+ and drag it to the Rename area at the bottom of the screen to rename it
    2. Create shortcut: tap and hold the app icon in NoxApp+ and drag it to the Create shortcut area at the bottom of the screen to create shortcut on your phone screen
    3. Delete: tap and hold the app icon in NoxApp+ and drag it to the Delete area at the bottom of the screen. Confirm by tapping Delete. Attention: all data will be deleted together with the app icon and won’t be able to recover. Please act with caution.
  • How many accounts could I use for the same app at the same time?
    Current version supports three different accounts for the same app to run concurrently. This might be increased in later version.
  • Why does NoxApp+ need so many access permissions?
    To assure that apps added in NoxApp+ could function properly, NoxApp+ has required access to general items any app will need permission to.
  • Why some apps in NoxApp+ occasionally fail to connect to the internet or delay in sending/receiving messages?
    a)You need to make sure that NoxApp+ is running backstage and have access to your Internet connection. If some other app you install in your phone has killed NoxApp+ when it run backstage or disconnected it from the Internet, please re-launch NoxApp+ to fix.
  • Why some app crash when running or fail to start?
    If you encounter such issue please kindly give us the app name. We are working to improve the compatibility of NoxApp+ and will follow up your feedback in order to fix such problem.
  • Why’s my phone battery running out of power so soon?
    The first time you log in your Google Play account, Google Play will initialize all the service frameworks it needs. This is the primary reason for power consumption. If you have already added your Google Play account, the power consuming issue won’t appear. If you have find other reasons that’s causing this issue, please let us know.